Coop Agri-Énergie Warwick: a farmer’s co-op approach to biomethane

BenoitBourqueBenoit is a professional engineer involved in renewable energy, sustainability and decision analyses for over 18 years. He holds a graduate diploma in management from HEC Montréal and has served as Golder’s global manager for GoldSET©, a project sustainability decision tool he helped develop.  As Energy manager with Coop Carbone since 2016, he takes part to the development of GHG reduction projects (e.g. geothermal, biogas). His responsibilities include project financing, planning & contracting, as well as structuring co-op business plans. He is on the governing board of Coop Carbone and Solon. Benoit has been involved in the Warwick biomethane project right from the start and he is now acting as co-general manager of Coop Agri-Énergie Warwick.